︎Hello, World!_ 


Arduino +  p5.js + reed switches + laser cutter + spray paint + InDesign (zine) + magic

The “Black Projection Project” theorizes that time as it functions now is part of a project that works by limiting information about the past while also making the future feel out of our control. We seek to break that. We have all the tools that we need. We have each other. We have our ancestors. We have love.

This portal mapping device is the first attempt into exploring the creation of a computational device that could be used to open a portal.

Those interested in exploring the tool use a magnet and move across the map exploring 14 different Nodes that each display related photos, text, and other information. 

Through exploration, I invite people to interrogate the idea of the colonial time project (linear time) and investigate how colonization and race as technologies have led to the erasure of the past and other ways of being, destruction of magic, while creating the “one-world world,” a term coined by John Law. However, ultimately, I accept that each individual will have their own unique experience, reach their own conclusions, and gain the information that they need and/or are ready for in the moment. Not everyone needs or wants to open a portal.

NODES: Future, Now, Past, Surveillance, Master, Field, Spirituals, Nature, Science, Magic, Invasion, Climate Change, Sun.