︎Hello, World!_ 

CONJURATIO is a spell, an invitation, a call towards re-enchantment.

It invites us to make a pact with ourselves, each other, and the Devil.

The Devil here signifies that which reveals the truths and presence of the many worlds by guiding us into our own powers. In essence, Conjuratio is the name of the pact witches made to each other but also one that workers and enslaved people would make with each other in solidarity.

It is a promise to be in active solidarity.

 Sound + Video + Hypnosis + Plant Magic

First created as part of my thesis at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Exhibited at Nest group exhibit “every moment a junction” from 13 May - 31 Jul 2022. Curated by melanie bonajo, Orlando Maaike Gouwenberg and Erika Sprey as advisor.