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Max/MSP/Jitter +  Ableton + Premiere Pro + Synthesizers 

ENCLOSURES is a video piece exploring the relationship between the body, gender, sexuality, desires, and enclosures. The piece defines enclosures as intentional capitalist barriers used to enact methods of control and surveillance.

“Capitalism is not in crisis. Capitalism is crisis.”

EXAMPLES OF ENCLOSURES: the apps on our phones, computer screen, phone screens, 3D environments, gender, race, sexuality, “human,” electronics, avatars, 

  • How do enclosures function in the digital realm?
  • What is lost when we enclose bodies? What is lost when bodies are on screen?
  • How do we navigate desires between online and offline space?
  • What happens when technology used to capture us,  breaks or glitches?

This project was birthed from feelings of not fitting into binarry categories of gender and understanding that these categories and how they are used are birthed from capitalism and its complete disregard of the lives of black, POC, queer, and trans lives. It feels death oriented. I’m interested in life orientations that fosters community, collaboration, and life.

COMMONS: 1) Cultural and natural resources accessible to all members of a society, including natural materials such as air, water, and habitable earth. 2) The things we inherit and create jointtly. 3) Can consists of gifts of nature such as air, oceans, and wildlife as well as shared social creations such as libraries, public spaces, scientific research, and creativ works.

To me the commons signify freedom and everyone having access to what they need including the right to just be without being put into boxes for control.