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energy work +  somatics  + herbalism + art 

Pleasure Ceremony is an apothecary and collaborative ceremony rooted in animist traditions, rituals, and magic. Through a combination of energy work, somatic practices, sound, and art, I seek to guide you toward an opening of your own portals and a sense of inner knowing.

I am in deep collaboration with the Earth, as friend, lover, and steward.
I believe pleasure is true presence and sacred listening.
I think of desire as a compass and a guiding force and as attention.
I am not interested in upholding hierarchies of “master” or even “healer,” in regards to this work.

Each session we will work together using a combination of rituals and intuitive guidance to bring awareness and attention aspects of your many selves and bodies.

sessions may include
Energy Work
Somatic Practices
Illustrated Energy Map
Ritual work
Plant Medicine
Listening + Listening Exercises

what to expect
Think: grounding meditations done together, breathwork, eye-gazing, energy work, light touch to support presence and mapping body, sessions ending with nourishing herbal infusion, personal illustrated (maybe ai-generated) energy maps, follow up emails with rituals just for you.

a re-introduction to me, your ceremonialist
feeling endless gratitude for your journey onto this special part of the web that I inhabit. Even if we do not journey together, I am thankful for your presence. The pandemic was the fire that pushed me further into my own passions and callings. Since the beginning of 2021, I have responded by intimately studying energy work, body work, and herbalism. I’m endlessly curious about our many bodies, all our bodies, including the emotional, energetic, and physicall bodies. I’m curious about the healling powers of touch, presence, attention, and connection and how to enhance these things through rituals and ceremonies.

as a cyber witch, it is my intention to find the threads between my own ancestral technologies and connect them to the things we may call technology now. for instance, art intimately touches us and sound is energy and vibrational work. through these commitments, I have formulated this offering called Pleasure Ceremony. It is an offering that is alive and will grow with time, connection, community, passion, desire <3

on exchange
I work on a sliding-scale basis, currently $80-$200 for a session that may be around 60-75 mins. I will work to offer donation-based options / days.  In addition to the full pleasure ceremony experience, I will also be doing Reiki at Happy Place Bushwick on Thursdays from $60-$120 and will always be thinking of new ways and entry points to engage with this work.

my mentors and guides
Zel Amanzi, Reneé Camila, Samantha Ray Roberts,  xóchicoatl, Amy Grace, and many others.