꒱࿐♡ ˚.*ೃ

Trans Corporeality

How do I know who I am?
Who do I become in proximity to you?
In proximity, what does it mean to only still exist in your periphery?
Why are you so obsessed with distance?
What does it mean to be near yet foreign?
Why are you so obsessed with control?
Have you ever touched yourself?
Have you ever reached out and touched someone else and felt yourself through that touch?
Felt yourself only exist in that moment because someone else also does?
What if we reached out toward each other?
Extended our limbs through space.
Suspending limbo even if just for a second.
What to do if you only ever bump into walls?
Walls I know exist because I have felt them.
Extended myself only to run into your extension repeatedly.
Extended myself only to run.
Extending only my extension.
I know I exist because I felt myself bump into the walls.
Felt my touch bang up against the walls.
Felt my touch stay stuck in these walls.
An extension of limbo.