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Eros Study is creating its first print publication, following the theme of our first open study with guest Ize Commers and the research I’ve been doing since then. HOLES is an experimental fetish magazine bringing together original smut, archival materials, essays, art, photography, fiction, slutty ads, and perverted research. I would love to invite you to submit work and be a part of this special print!

We cannot escape holes. They are all around us and they are us. Some holes we are born with, some others we create. They may arouse within us a case of curiosity, fear, or hope! Not all are glorious, but goddex bless the ones that carry us to the realms of ecstatic bliss. Eros Study is interested in how holes can become the portal we need to traverse to the edges of our many selves, each other, and the world and how the primordial image of the hole can help us think through questions surrounding erotic architecture, perverted design, surveillance, control, and queer intimacies.

The publication borrows its form from the fetish magazine, which has historically been a space for sharing community resources, highlighting queer and kinky community members, exploring queer embodied possibilities, and providing a sense of belonging to a sub-community that was not represented in the general public. My interest in working with the affordances of this form is to be in conversation with past archival print material and to once again bring conversations about the erotic away from social media and the internet, digital places that continue to rapidly increase in their censorship practices.

a few keywords: glory holes, urethra, sounding, fisting, hole deprivation, being stuffed, ball gags, piercing, pocket pussies, black holes, dolls, ear play, nostril fetish, sneezing fetishes, poppers, hole dilation, swiss cheese plants.

Show us your holes!


This fetish magazine will initially be a small run (200 max copies) available in printed formats. I am interested in bridging the worlds of creative nonfiction, research, and smut. We can accept your research, hot takes, poetry, archival material, photos, movement scores, recipes, illustrations, interviews, documentation of erotic escapades, and more.

This is an experiment and a passion project done with zero funding really taking on the ethos and energy of DIY zines and fetish magazines. At this time, I can offer $50 honorarium as a thank you to accepted collaborators upon submission and 1 free copy once printed.


1. If you’re interested in participating and are curious if something would be a good fit, reach out with an abstract and let’s chat. Here’s a mood board to get inspiration from old fetish magazines. Please email all submissions and inquiries with the subject “Eros Study 1.0 Response” to clio.cyborg@gmail dot com by May 15th, 2024.

2. If there’s an interest, Cy or a collaborator will reach out to schedule a casual 20-30 minute chat to workshop ideas and align on a vision. The goal is really to help you find a contribution that you’re excited about and willing to share considering the constraints of this project. There’s no pressure to submit new work.

3. We can move through 1-3 draft rounds and check-ins if needed throughout the process. All work should be submitted by June 1, 2024.


This is an experiment and a passion project done with zero starter funding but its production / print is graciously supported by my fellowship with Public Assistants and our partnership with Eureka Press.

I would like to have all contributors finalized by May 15, 2024. If you have someone you’d like to invite, you’re welcome to pass this invitation to them and they can follow the process documented above. I’m prioritizing submissions from people of color and queer and trans folk as well as sex workers and people deeply involved in fetish and BDSM community.

The design and editorial work will take place May-June 2024 with the goal of having the book complete by August 2024.

The plan is to release the magazine in an in-person multimedia / participatory event in NYC (info tbd). Potentially, a very small portion of the zines will be sold online for those interested outside of NYC or for those who could not make it to the event. Any profit made will go toward funding a second publication on a future theme.


As this is my first time doing this work, I am open to feedback and ideas along the way. If you’d like to have a more hands-on role beyond submitting something, I welcome receiving that desire. I could definitely use editorial, lay-out, design, and photo support. This is really a big push for me doing something so new in this way but it means a lot to be able to share this vision with you, regardless of whether you submit something or not :)


cy x (they/we): cy x is an erotic writer, pleasure ceremonialist, and perverted educator based in Brooklyn, NY. They work to uncover the way that the erotic and space co-construct each other and utilize a perverted design philosophy that exposes structures of power while also identifying new opportunities for being a body amongst other human and other-than-human bodies in this world.

cyberwitch666.com / pleasureceremony.com